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An Infinite Being in a Human Vessel....what fun


2/15/20243 min read

Each of us chose a human to inhabit to be present in this time of here and now, on this earth, in this Galaxy and within this Quadrant number 9. The reasons why are as vast as the infinite possibilities within the Void.

Difficulties begin at birth. We have chosen the time, place and parents to jump into this existence for our own individual reasons at a Soul/Infinite Being level. Sometimes, it is through familiarity with circumstances we feel and resonate with, both positive and negative, other times we have chosen new experiences we want to have. Most issues arise with the programming of the human vessel, which is out of our control for the first couple of decades of existence.

The first 2 years of our life is energetic exchanges from the people around us, observing reactions, attitudes, beliefs, and learning how to fit within where we are to survive. It is rare that all areas of early life are harmonious, loving and beneficial. The human vessel operates from what it has heard, seen, experienced and is programmed to do. When we awaken and see through the illusory nature of existence there becomes a push and pull between the human vessel and you as an Infinite Being. The vessel's task is to collect data, correlate and relay what IT thinks is safe and not safe, to keep you within its tabulated info of what has been before. It does not like things outside of its knowledge base and will cause anxiety, fear and hesitancy throughout the body when you are choosing to do something it doesn't know anything about.

It is very common to have anxiety, anger, fear, and hesitation when attempting to move forward out of the Ego's programming. The Ego knows you best and what will stop you in your tracks from going in a direction it knows nothing about and will flood the body with whatever it needs to and creation reactions it knows will keep you "in line" with its desires.

The Ego has done a great job of keeping you alive to this point, it however, has an extreme tendency to take control of the vessel and not allow changes YOU are wanting to make. Being aware of what is being generated from the Ego as opposed to what is from YOU is the first step in being able to break this hold on your vessel. This is YOUR vessel, your vehicle. It is no longer acceptable that the vehicle decides what you will and won't experience according to its own rules.

It is common to be reminded that "We each have our own path to follow." This statement is not completely accurate. There is one path out of this construct. We walk it together, as one with multiple facets, all viewing from different perspectives. By joining each of these perspectives together we get the full picture of how things work. The statement really should be "We each are accountable to change our human so we can walk the path." It is up to you to "get your human in line" by reviewing and changing everything that it knows and does that is not in alignment with your mission here at this time.

All that you have seen, heard and done in this lifetime belongs to you and only you can revise and make adjustments to what information that has been taken in being filtered through and what is projecting from within to without which makes the reality you are existing in. There is no one to blame for anything within or around you. It is the vessel. It has chosen what it will keep, remember and constantly make you aware of and will set aside other files it deems as not important. Many people get stuck by having crappy filters in place to only let in the problems and things that they don't like, which is all that they get in their reality. They have forgotten about gratitude, love and how to balance things within themselves.

Throughout these posts we will look at options on how to revise your human so that YOU are able to use it as you intended and not at the mercy of it.

~ Allison