No One Has To Agree With You

~ Allison

3/5/20243 min read

You have your own unique set of experiences and emotional reactions to the world around you. No one else, not even a sibling or a twin, can reach the same conclusions as you, whether limited or expanded, or see things the same way as you do. Your approach to your surroundings and world at large are unique to you, both on a soul level and that of your human.

While there are multiple humans going through the same event in time and place, the impact for each is completely different. We can see that some people thrive in challenging situations, while others crumble and sit down in victim mode. Reasons can be because of programming, unresolved emotional and mental issues, poor filters of perception, beliefs and judgments, etc. The list goes on and on. The opinions you formulate are your own based on your emotional state and programming. Each human does the same. One is not good or bad, right or wrong.

Issues arise within the collective when a human, living through only Ego, or the majority of Ego has determined that they are right. Period. Everyone else HAS to see it the way they do and it is up to them and their Ego to prove you wrong, and if that doesn't work to degrade you to the lowest point possible. In many humans, the Ego has taken such control that to even entertain another way of looking at things feels like an attack on them telling them they are wrong...and the hardened Ego does not EVER want to hear that they are wrong, it is unacceptable and not tolerated. This we are seeing very clearly with the completely out of line reactions we are seeing from people both online and in public. The number of people that HAVE to write their opinions on something and argue with others over their opinions. Why? It is futile and a wasted use of energy and emotions that could be put to better use. It is rare that anything can be accomplished for the greater good on a FB post.

It is healthy if people disagree with you, it allows you the opportunity to see things differently, to expand your knowledge and be able to revise your own understandings – which is a huge part of growth. If you are choosing a spiritual path this is a requirement, to see and accept all points of view, to learn as much as you can about other possible ways of seeing things so that you are better able to create the reality and world that you want to live in. By staying stuck and cut off from possibilities other than what your Ego has determined is correct you are unable to move forward out of your current reality. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong, it's a matter of learning from others that have a level of experiences you may or may not have had that another has. It is foolish to discount another's viewpoints and what they have learned. Communication with each other is to learn something new, to expand our horizons and wisdom.

No one has to agree with you on anything. Actually, no one should agree with you on everything. There are some nuances of general agreement, but if more than one person agrees with you completely then either you or them are not standing as an authentic self. Understanding one another is one thing, to insist upon someone else agreeing with you is purely Ego. Rejoice when someone doesn't agree with you and listen to their perspective and question yourself and them if they do agree with you to encourage a difference so you both may learn something new.

We came in to have different perspectives, different viewpoints and to bring them all together as puzzle pieces to re-create the whole experience to lead us the way out of this construct of Earth school. By requiring validation and forcing people to agree with you, you are a cog in the wheel of progress, your own and others. Accept you see things differently, as you should, and work with others to add how you see things in the larger tapestry we are all creating together.

~ Allison