Daily Practice

Insightful question to ask yourself daily....

~ Allison

2/26/20243 min read

When the title “Daily Practice” came into my head a part of me wondered if I would be given a list of all the things I “should” be doing. The emotional response was laughter and hesitation simultaneously. Ok, Ok, I'll look at that. In allowing the information to come through however, it takes a different turn than expected.

The question asked was...Have you done your best today?

My first response was, Yes, of course I did and overall that may be a correct response. However, the question asks you to replay the day and really look at things item by item. So, I stopped, closed my eyes and asked myself this question. The events of the day flooded back through with the focus being on me and how I reacted, responded or handled what arose. The perception shift is very enlightening. There were things I know I did very well, keeping calm, pushing through what needed to be done, letting go of how I had wanted something to flow. I gave myself an A for those. There were other things where I could see I had wasted too much time saying something over and over in my head, like cementing someone else's actions or what had happened so I could recall it later if needed. I realized what a waste of time and energy that was as well as recognizing the absurdity of programming myself with useless info that was not beneficial for my highest and best. So what if I didn't remember what someone did? Gave myself a C for some of those. There were other nuances I picked up on, unconscious habits and ways of seeing things. All information from the day was helpful in reassessing and getting ready for tomorrow.

Appraising yourself honestly and grading yourself on how well you think you did shifts the focus back on to you to ponder how you could have done things differently or what you may want to try to remember to do next time. It becomes clear which personalities you chose for your interactions and a chance to review that character and see what upgrades it needs or if it needs to be eliminated. Most characters we have created for interactions are because of fear, not love. Looking deeper into why this character was created, when and why it acts and believes as it does will assist in being able to dismantle the negative aspects of these characters and allow us to bond even stronger with our true authentic self.

The Daily Practice that is being referred to is our own self-reflection, owning what we do, say and think. You know, the big A word – Accountability. In just one go I can see that by using this practice it allows the events of the day to take on a different frequency. It is a definite step out of victim-hood and offers the opportunity for everything on a daily basis to be resolved and released leaving me free to sleep with a subconscious that is clear and in a good place to work on my positive dreams and goals. If I did the best I could, that's all I can do. When I acknowledged to myself what I did well, there was a sense of joy in it. It gave me a boost to be able to see the positives in myself and redirect my attention from the things I messed up or didn't handle well.

My guess is after a few days I will have even more confidence in myself knowing I can handle anything that arises as I recognize within myself that I am wholeheartedly capable. Give it a go. I'd love to hear how it works for you.

~ Allison

P. S. I wrote this yesterday and had it sitting to review again before posting. Today was a page out of Hell. My mental, physical and emotional bodies were strained beyond their limit. In reviewing the day tonight I give myself a 100%. There were so many different ways I could have responded and yet, in my opinion, I always chose the highest and best. Ok. I've got this...roll out some heavenly days now, thank you.