Many people feel that they have been cursed at least once in their life...

~ Allison

3/4/20241 min read

Many people feel that they have been cursed at least once in their lives. The majority, if not all, of these feelings that arise and circumstances which appear to be a curse are programming. Self-Programming. All of us have been told something that shook us to the core, usually from someone we loved or cared about deeply. Because these are difficult to shake we have a tendency to replay them in our minds over and over...self-programming ourselves with the repetition of words and emotions that is imprinted upon our subconscious. The subconscious does not have any opinions as to what is right or wrong, good or bad, it follows your repetition and emotional state relating to any given event or words. The greater the strength of the emotion, no matter what it is, programs the subconscious and cells in your body to continue bringing you more like this. Many of these thought-forms are bred into us generationally and we continue to carry the programs and “curses” forward from previous members in our genetic line, taking them on as some kind of badge of honor as though suffering is just what your family does, somehow accepting that is what is expected, anticipated and just what is, not realizing we can change it by changing our self talk.

In addition, we all are cursing each other and ourselves daily by our thoughts and words. SPELLING. It's right there in front of us. The words we create with our minds and mouth are spells. Every spell has an effect on others and yourself. There are many phrases we use and not even think about that are very detrimental. It is necessary to review and change our language saying exactly what will lift another and ourselves and cause no harm. Until we can be proficient with our words and thoughts, we will continue to place spells and curses on each other, as well as ourselves as well as personally pay the karmic debt for our use of unkind or negative words. It can be difficult to remain calm and centered when someone is yelling at us, we can feel the negative energies coming towards us and the learned reaction is to fight back and defend ourselves. There is no defense necessary when you stand in the center of your Authentic Self. These defensive reactions and constant interactions are what continuously keeps negative energies in play, which makes them stronger and gives them more power. At minimum, stand, let it roll over and through you without responding, without taking it on. What another slings at us are theirs, not yours, they are showing you what is inside them, what they are carrying, it has nothing to do with you – unless you choose to accept it and take it on.

The varying degrees as to how present you are in any given moment will give you the opportunity to transmute the energy coming towards you to neutral, or better, so that it will be in a different form when it hits the next person in its path. See the big picture. Energy does not cease to be, it is always in motion. Energy sent out will keep floating around in its created form until it is changed to another form, it cannot be destroyed but it can be changed. Energies are magnetic in nature and are attracted to something that is like itself. Whatever frequencies, both positive and negative, you hold within your human and your energetic fields will attract and join with the energies that match. Ever wonder why when you're having a bad day things just seem to keep piling on and on? The lower the energy frequency the denser it feels and the more that continue to pile on top of it into a huge glob. Whatever frequency you are emitting, whether you are aware of it or not, is like a lighthouse calling everything that matches that to come flying to you. The sad thought is that there is a disproportionate flow of positive energy to negative energy with the negative being fed and increased. The world these days seems to look for and promote negative energies as a way of feeling alive, always wanting something to fight for and against. This must stop and will stop as we remember to transmute instead of join in.

Every time you find yourself replaying an event tor emotion that was in the past, stop and pay attention. Are you sure that this event elicited an emotion that you wish to repeat? Is this really what you wish to experience again? What can I think of that would be better than this? When you begin paying attention, you will quickly realize the incessant number of times you repeat the stories and words of your life over and over and over again, further imprinting them in your subconscious which will bring more of the same into your reality. It is not an outside event that triggers the memory to resurface, it is the memory being repeated that brings outside events into your reality for you to have the experience again – you were the one calling for it, the universe provided your desire.

There is a medium, neutral place to strive for wherein you are able to relay any and all of your stories in life without any emotion attached to them. Until you have neutralized each and every one of your life stories events will continue to be generated that bring up the same emotions. Though this may seem like torture, a curse or someone is out to get you, it is in fact an invitation for you to recognize the disharmonious energies and emotions that you are holding in your human vessel. It is actually a blessing to show you where you are not in full alignment. Deciding to address each emotion as it arises will begin to relieve the level of triggering you will have as events arise to point at these emotions. With this comes your realization of the things you are telling yourself that are making you angry or upset. You are the one doing it to yourself, not anyone or anything outside of you. It is your viewpoint and perception that causes a reaction within you. Think differently. Speak differently. Have a better understanding of yourself and the programming's you have running. You can then choose to have a far better reality around you.

You are responsible for you, your human, your thoughts, your energy and your energy fields around you. You are the walking piece of Source, God, The All. Standing in your loving authentic self-power repels all that is not in alignment with that frequency. You are not a victim. The events unfolding in your daily life are showing you where adjustments are needed for you to be your highest and best. You can choose to react, repel and continue sending negative energy back towards and event or person or you can stop and dissect why this thing is bothering you so much and make the changes necessary for wholeness. Most of the time you will find your reactions are from a simple cause such as “I expected better from this person or that's not what I expected.” There are people in our lives that are walking destruction and chaos, without care for whom or how they hurt, they are the greatest teachers showing us what we do not want and focuses us back on ourselves to self-reflect and assess if we are acting that way in any area of our lives. Once we have practiced over and over how to engage with them and not buy in to their drama, we are stronger and better for it. The more we desire to raise our vibration the more challenging experiences are brought our way to give us the opportunity to rise and shine even more.

Not being diligent in caring for your energy within and without will make you susceptible to energies others have sent to you purposefully or to energies just in the air. It is up to you what you allow in your fields. Many, many times we feel overwhelmed, unable to move or even see clearly. In these times it is helpful to get back to basics...basic self-care of taking a shower or bath with salt, drinking water and getting rest. From there we can gently step back up with crystals, nature, candles, etc. We are never above the basics; we haven't outgrown them. They are there to assist us to get back up again. They were there the first time for us and they are there again still. Curses and negativity continue to be around us every moment of every day. It is up to us to take care in not allowing them into our fields and to make sure we are not feeding them with our words and actions and making them larger for someone else to encounter that does not yet have our skills in handling them. Slowly, bit by bit we are transmuting these energies as we see them. May we all have success soon in the total transformation of all that is not Love. We deserve that.

~ Allison